Moving home - Be@Home April 2011

Be@Home -
being part of "two homes" of The Brick Box.

This is a performance installation in two parts. Our precious cup of tea/coffee, Take-Away or Sitting down. Perhaps having breakfast/launch/dinner.
Two days at a coffee shop - restaurant The Brick Box. BE@Home is in Brixton Vilage Market and Tooting Broadway Market. There is no place like home.


7 Quiet Acts was an amazing space to create the first part of Be@Home.
Two physical rooms and social networks online created and opportunity for both online players and people in the space to explore the definition of home.
It was an amazing experience that will be taken forward for our next part in another home.

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Be@Home is a performance-installation subjected to transformation and transition. Repetition of a 20-30 minutes routine will help us to explore different relationships between the private and the public. The routine will be a mundane activity such as having a tea break. Transforming the space and creating specific rules and boundaries will change the relationship between the intimate and the public and between the home experience and the urban experience.

We will be using cardboard boxes to interchange the space and to affect the relationships among the audiences, body, space, private and public for example transforming a cardboard box from a homeless shelter to a container that is used for moving out. Using various internet websites such as Facebook, Twitter and live-broadcast will violet the borders of the physical home and emphasize the Panopticon in the home experience in conjunction with the urban experience.

This piece will be using both online audiences and audience within the space. They are welcome to take part at any satge via the different mediums. The internet interface of the performance wil embark about two weeks before the performance.

Soon we will publish more details about the space (online and offline) and times!!

Box2Box - Soon the performance: Be@Home

Be@Home is a performance-installation subjected to transformation and transition. Our aim is to bring home to become a nomadic live experience. The performance will evolve using different sites to trace and to define body and space as containers of the physical and the emotional, creating each time a sensual response to a particular place.

We want to cross the relationships between bodies and spaces and between the private and a shared space. We will create an intimate though public response using the joint in these relationships, thus while investigating the stability that is being evoked by the place that we call home.

This work is a cumulative story that will be told through its making process:

‘Is home something that is created or found by one?’

Questioning the need to take refuge in a safe place, our daily life will be strongly interrogated by the nomadic experience of this project where the box will be used as a case study using its playfulness as an object and its vulnerability as a material: box as a condition and as a container that moves from one place to another. The challenge is constituted by the malleability of the space and its' limited boundaries. Memories and questions lead us to find the precarious balance in between familiar places and unknown environments.

The piece will be a performance-installation in which through the use of different visual media we would like to encourage a dialogue between the outside space and the inner space, as a journey of the self in between the physical manifestation, such as home or a body and as a moving asylum of the soul.


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Our Next project: Box2Box

In Box2Box we want to interrogate the body and the space as a container, what is the physical and emotional response.
The piece will be a performance-installation in which through the use of different visual media we would like to encourage a dialogue between the outside space and a more intimate one like a home. what we want to emphasise is the conflict between the sense of protection and intimacy that a place, such as home, can offer with the vulnerablility one feels with the daily living experience of the city.
We are looking for the space in between places and people; the shared space is generated through connections and the living expeirence of it. The challenge is constituted by the transformability of the space and its limited boundaries, in which the project Box2Box can materialize in several ways, including the development of a non verbal form of language.

New Cultural Space

Hedva Eltanani and Ju row Farr in the Search for New Culturla Space

Hedva Eltanani interviewed Ju Row Farr from Blast Theory using a game she has created specifically for the interview.
This is an investigation of digital performance and the way it creates cultural space.
The main goal was to identify limits, advantages and transformations of the different meduims.

The interview is now being edited as a short video and as an article.
For more information please contact us.
August 2009


One Thing May Lead To Another is a devised performance by Food For Thought.
In this performance the company investigated audience participation in a site specific performance. The ability to transform the reality and give a different take on the present.
The performance was part of Hedva's Research on the audience/performance relationship.

Food for Thougt is -
Maria-Evangelia Dimitriou

Hedva Eltanani
Lea McKenna-Garcia
Lisa Castle